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TechStuff Daily is a show that gives a snapshot of technological issues and stories and provides context. We don't just look at what's going on but why it's important and what it all means.

Is it possible for an electric car to recharge while still driving down the street? It can be with the power of electromagnets.

A developer’s error may have cost some cryptocurrency owners about 300 million dollars worth of funds. Can we just turn back the clock to before the mistake happened?

A researcher found that 77% of all the new content on Wikipedia comes from just 1% of all the editors. Has the democratic reference turned a corner?

After operating for only two hours, a self-driving shuttle bus in Las Vegas was involved in a traffic accident. Are autonomous vehicles really safer than human-operated cars?

Security experts first created Captchas to separate machines from humans. But now the machines are nearly as good at completing the tests as we are. What comes next?

Particle physicists blasted the Great Pyramid of Giza with subatomic particles and discovered a hidden chamber. How did bleeding-edge future tech help us learn about the ancient past?

According to one man's investigation, the FCC's comments page is peppered with fraudulent comments arguing against net neutrality. Many of the comments come from people who say they've never even visited the FCC's page and some of them are from dead people. What's going on?

Managing Pain through Virtual Reality: Research projects have shown that virtual reality experiences can help alleviate acute pain. Could the future of pain management include a head mounted display and a journey into a computer-generated world?

Movie theater owners that want to show Star Wars: The Last Jedi at their theaters are facing some steep demands from Disney. They'll have to hand over 65% of ticket sales and dedicate their largest auditoriums for an extended run. How do movie theater economics work?

Boeing is putting together a rocket that will launch its experimental spacecraft in the not too distant future.

Amazon is looking at cities for its secondary headquarters location. And cities are responding in some pretty weird ways.

Microsoft has ended production of the Kinect peripheral for the Xbox. How did the best-selling gaming peripheral sink so low?

Twitter is poised for its first profitable quarter in its history. Where did Twitter come from and how has it managed to stay around without turning a profit?

The US government is looking to reduce certain restrictions on domestic drone operations. What does that mean for you?

Researchers published a paper detailing a critical vulnerability in the WPA2 security protocol for WiFi networks. What does that mean for you?

Toyota is pilot testing a fuel cell cargo truck project in California. How do fuel cells work and are they the future of automobiles?

It's obvious now that social networks like Facebook became targets of foreign agents aiming to influence the 2016 election in the United States. What happens next?

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Recently, a special race happened across the continent of Australia. Drivers controlled solar-powered cars as they traveled from North to South. What's the story behind the World Solar Challenge?

Some high-frequency stock trading algorithms recently reacted to a bogus report that Google was set to acquire Apple. How much influence do these limited AI programs hold over the financial world?

In October 2017, Google announced a new line of Pixel Android phones as well as a special pair of wireless earbuds. These Pixel Buds can work with a phone to translate conversations spoken in other languages in real time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said that whoever develops artificial intelligence first will conquer the world. Are we on the brink of an AI arms race and what can we do to make sure AI works for the greater good?

A web site received a cease and desist letter while archiving a collection of interviews Donald Trump participated in on the Howard Stern Show over the course of 20 years. What are the rules of fair use and how does that apply to technology?

Nintendo fans around the world are trying to grab the SNES Classic retro system while one hacker in Russia has dramatically tweaked the console with a few lines of code. We look at hacks and emulators and what it all means.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is never out of the news cycle for long. How does it actually work and is it possible this so-called currency is more like a commodity?