Outstanding, Outrageous and Odd: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

As host Christian Sager explains in a new episode of BrainStuff, the brontosaurus may not have existed ... well, at least not as we think of the dino today. De Agostini/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

At a loss on what to do this weekend? Take some time to catch up on our stories, from the legal rights of genealogy sites to abandoned racetracks. You'll be an expert in no time! (Well, at least at reading our articles.)

The Outstanding

BrainStuff host Christian Sager questions the existence of the brontosaurus in a new episode of the podcast. Or, to be specific, the biological classification of the iconic dinosaur. Listen to the episode here.

Ketchup's status as a condiment worthy of gracing delicious food is often up for debate. But whether you like the tangy sauce or not, it's got a history that predates your friends' scoffs when you squeeze some on your hot dog. And it's more fascinating than you might think — read about it in this new article.

Here's something to look forward to this weekend, at least if you live on the East Coast of the U.S.: NASA is planning on launching a sounding rocket that will cause a Willy Wonka-esque display in the sky. Find out why the rocket will be releasing some colorful vapors in this article.

The Outrageous

Your DNA is probably one of the few things you're sure you'll have dominion over for your entire life. But recently, a lawyer publicly called into question the terms and services of AncestryDNA, a popular DNA testing service. Could the company own your DNA forever? Writer Dave Roos explores the legalities of the proposition in this article.

What people can and can't say in public in America is a hot topic right now (looking at you, detractors of political correctness and claimers of free speech). But in a new episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You, hosts Bridget and Emilie focus on the policing of women's speech in the workplace. Listen here and via the player below.

Writer Kate Kershner brings us the story of the Jews who were forced, by royal decree, to either leave Spain, convert to Christianity or die in 1492. The mandate, as you could imagine, was the result of years of minority oppression and stereotyping. Read the article, based on a Stuff You Missed in History Class episode, here.

The Odd

Whales often turn up on beaches in astonishing numbers, ultimately leading to their deaths. There are some guesses as to why this happens, but the official cause of the phenomenon is unknown. Hosts Josh and Chuck wade through the science in this episode of Stuff You Should Know.

CarStuff hosts Scott and Ben are no strangers to covering abandoned autos and buildings. The latest installment of the podcast explores some of the desolate racetracks of days past, which despite their current appearance, have rich histories. Listen to the podcast, and see a sufficiently dismal picture of the North Wilkesboro Speedway, here.

In one of the debut episodes of Part-Time Genius, the newest podcast from HowStuffWorks, hosts Will and Mango dig into the cold hard facts about cryonics. Is freezing your dead body in the hopes of awakening years later in perfect health far-fetched? If you're thinking, "duh," give this episode a listen ... you might change your mind!

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