Hear and Now: Tardigrade Mating Revealed!

Allison Loudermilk

Hear and Now: Tardigrade Mating Revealed! HowStuffWorks Now
Hear and Now: Tardigrade Mating Revealed! HowStuffWorks Now

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's a quick recap of our latest HowStuffWorks Now weekly podcast.

This week, tech writer and podcaster Jonathan Strickland talks about a buggy software product adopted by many U.S. county courts looking to update how criminal cases are shuttled through the system. The courts may have intended to streamline the process, but the new case management software has created some serious issues of its own, like wrongly arresting or jailing folks, or not updating warrants that have been dismissed. Here's Kate Kershner's original story.

Next up editor Yves Jeffcoat talked about how there really are just two groups of people in the world: those who can sniff out asparagus in their urine and those who can't. And thanks to a bit of detective work, researchers have begun pinpointing the genes involved in that special asparagus ability. Would you like to do some further reading? You can find Jesslyn Shields' asparagus story here and the British Medical Journal study here.

Lastly, Robert Lamb enlightened readers about the fascinating and suitably strange mating habits of everyone's favorite tiny, indestructible creatures: tardigrades! German researchers first captured the microscopic copulation on video and had lots to say about it. Here's a link to our original story, again by Jesslyn Shields, and the requisite video link for said tardigrade mating.

Want to hear more about of these three stories? Just push play on the podcast embedded here or grab it on your favorite podcasting service. If you like what you hear, please subscribe.

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