Hear and Now: Santa-sanctioned Surveillance

Allison Loudermilk

Hear and Now: Santa-sanctioned Surveillance HowStuffWorks Now
Hear and Now: Santa-sanctioned Surveillance HowStuffWorks Now

Greetings readers and, we hope, would-be listeners! Here's a sample of the three stories you'll hear about in this week's episode of the HowStuffWorks Now podcast.  

The first story concerns the Elf on the Shelf, the ubiquitous doll that perches on a shelf reporting children's deeds (and misdeeds) back to Santa. All of that holiday-themed scrutiny made host Robert Lamb wonder if we're creating a sort of Santa-sanctioned surveillance state for kids. Listen in on the podcast or read the full story. We guarantee you won't hear it anywhere else.

Are you an engineer or a tinkerer with a deep love of space travel? NASA needs you. And fast. In our second story, host Lauren Vogelbaum fills you in on the details of the NASA poop challenge. Yep, the space agency is asking for the public's help on designing a solution for how astronauts can contain their waste in a spacesuit. All submissions are due by Dec. 20.

Our third story is geared at listeners who live in the U.S. and want to get their congressional rep to listen to their viewpoint on a particular issue. As host Jonathan Strickland relays, the best approach might be an old-fashioned one that incorporates phone calls and face-to-face contact.

Want to hear more about any of those three stories? Just push play on the podcast embedded here or grab it on your favorite podcasting service. And, as ever, if you like what you hear, please subscribe

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