Hear and Now: Car Accidents Won't Kill Graham

Allison Loudermilk

Hear and Now: Car Accidents Won't Kill Graham HowStuffWorks
Hear and Now: Car Accidents Won't Kill Graham HowStuffWorks

 More than 30,000 people died as a result of car accidents in 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And that's just in the U.S. Whenever you mix humans with these mobile mashups of metal and plastic and glass, humans don't come out on top.

But what if we engineered humans to withstand car crashes? That's the premise behind the sculpture Graham, reports Ben Bowlin for HowStuffWorks Now. Graham, with his crumple zones and other built-in bodily adaptations, is what you get when an artist (Patricia Piccinini), a trauma surgeon (Christian Kenfield) and a collision expert (David Logan) get together and play what-if.

Next up was Jonathan Strickland, who brought us news that may be helpful to your financial portfolio. According to a recent report from MSCI, a research firm that caters to institutional investors, CEO compensation isn't necessarily tied to company performance. That is, paying big bucks to CEOs of mid-cap and large-cap public companies doesn't always correlate with better performance. In fact, researchers found the opposite to be true in their study of more than 400 companies.

Finally, Robert Lamb looked at some of the newest weapons in the war against mosquitoes: mosquito factories. These factories are churning out bacteria-compromised or genetically modified mosquitoes to defeat the enemy from the inside. And at least one of them, in Guangzhou, China, is claiming encouraging results.

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