Fantastic, Fascinating & Far-out: Our Best Stories You Might've Missed This Week

CarStuff hosts Scott and Ben discuss boats and ships built to navigate through ice in a new episode of the podcast. JTB Photo/UIG via Getty Images

If you're as curious as we are (and you totally must be because you're reading this!), you can't get enough of learning new things. From ships that break through ice to virtual reality arcades, we've got you covered. Keep reading to catch up on our stories that might've slipped through the cracks.

The Fantastic

The most common form of colorblindness, red-green, affects about 300 million people around the world. But now, several companies are offering glasses that can help those with the condition see colors more distinctly. Get the scoop on the specs in this new article.

Every year, a special species of firefly puts on an eye-catching, synchronized light show for visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. It only happens for a couple of weeks, but fortunately, you can see footage and photos of the phenomenon here.

In a different, more technological kind of light show, China just turned on the largest floating solar power plant in the world. It has an impressive 160,000 panels and can power 15,000 homes. Learn about it in this article.

The Fascinating

CarStuff hosts Ben and Scott break down the details on icebreakers, vessels that power through ice-covered waterways to create a safe path for others. Listen to this episode of the podcast to find out how these boats and ships get the job done.

As if artists weren't already worried enough about job security, scientists are hard at work teaching machines creativity. Listen below as Stuff to Blow Your Mind hosts Robert and Christian discuss replicating human creativity in machine learning in a new episode of the podcast.

In a new video from FoodStuff, hosts Anney and Lauren visit Holeman and Finch Public House for a mouthwatering lesson on sweetbreads. Watch it here, and try not to get FOMO (on food) as they chow down on the crispy dish.

The Far-out

As you could imagine, life for astronauts more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) from Earth on the International Space Station lacks some creature comforts — including bread. Turns out, the basic and seemingly harmless food can be a messy hazard in microgravity. Read this article to learn how one company wants to end the sandwich freeze in space.

The world is an enormous place, and many of its inhabitants have yet to be discovered. We discover new small species all the time, but are there are large animals that have escaped our notice, too? A new episode of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know poses the question.

The point of virtual reality gaming is to immerse the player in another world. But for some gamers, the real-life space is an important part of the experience, too. VR arcades are popping up around the U.S., providing large spaces that gamers can share with a group of friends for an hourly fee. Read the article here to find out why the arcades are getting more popular in the U.S.

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