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Weather Tech, Part 2

How are weather predictions made? How does the tech used in meteorology work? And can we control the weather?

The Alienware Story

In 1996, a company set out to make its mark on the PC gaming industry. It became known as Alienware. How did it get started and where is it going?

Musical Analysis at Moogfest

Producer extraordinaire Noel Brown visited Moogfest in 2017 and got a chance to talk with Alexander Lerch about musical analysis. And how can can analysis lead to generative music?

Halt! Bot or Not?

Bots generate more Internet traffic than humans. How can you tell if someone chatting with you is a bot or not?

AI: Friend or Foe?

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have had a public disagreement about the nature of AI. Who is right? Are the bots on their way to destroy us?

Becoming a Microchipped Cyborg

Employees at a vending company can elect to get an RFID microchip implant. What's the story behind this and is it a good idea?

The History of Programming Languages Part Two

How have programming languages evolved over time? What was wrong with the old ones? How are more recent languages different from the ones first developed?

The History of Programming Languages Part One

What was the first programming language? Why are they even necessary? Why are there so many different types of programming languages?

How Weather Models Work

What sorcery is this? How do meteorologists actually make weather forecasts after collecting all that data?

How Meteorologists Work

How do meteorologists predict the weather? We look at the tools meteorologists use to determine stuff like high and low temperatures, the chance of precipitation and more!

How Weather Works

In an effort to understand meteorology, we first must understand how weather works. What are the complex variables that determine weather patterns?