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This Day in History: The End of the Civil War
On August 20th, 1866, President Andrew Johnson - not Abraham Lincoln - formally declared the end of the American Civil War. Join Josh and Chuck for the story of how it all happened. Meanwhile, back in the office, Josh and Chuck begin preparing a stra
This Day in History: Shark Week's Origin
To finish out our special coverage of Shark Week, join us for our final special episode where we look at the origins of the cable ratings juggernaut known as Shark Week.
This Day in History - Sharks: Matawan Creek
In this week's special shark-themed episode, we look at a series of shark attacks that occurred along the Jersey Shore back in 1916. The attacks are widely believed to have been the inspiration for the novel and subsequent mega-blockbuster film Jaws.
This Day in History - Sharks: The U.S.S. Indianapolis
Continuing our special lead-up to Shark Week, today we look at the single worst tragedy in U.S. naval history, the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945. The men who survived the sinking were left defenseless against shark attacks in the ocean.
This Day in History: Shark Awareness Day
In the first installment of our month-long special shark series, Josh and Chuck talk about Shark Awareness Day, an international holiday that raises awareness of the threats sharks face from humans.
This Day in History: DiMaggio's Hitting Streak
There are some records in sports history that are destined to remain unbroken, and Joe Diamggio's hitting streak is one them. Josh and Chuck cover this amazing sports streak on This Day in History.
This Day in History: Open Heart Surgery
These days we take amazing medical procedures like open heart surgery for granted. On This Day in History, Josh and Chuck pay homage to the very first surgeon to try such a dangerous operation, way back in 1893.
This Day in History: Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart's disappearance is one of history's great mysteries. On This Day in History, Josh and Chuck remember her and co-pilot Fred Noonan's fateful trip, along with some new ideas on what might have happened to them.
This Day in History: Michael Jackson
We all loved the King of Pop, and sadly, on this edition of This Day in History, Josh and Chuck recount the events that led to his untimely demise.
This Day in History - June 11: Self-Immolation
On June 11, 1963, a Vietnamese monk named Thich Quang Duc shocked the world when he burned himself to death in protest against the Vietnamese government, a gesture known as self-immolation. Josh and Chuck delve into this political statement.
This Day in History - June 4: Tiananmen Square
On June 4, 1989, the Chinese government presided over a brutal crackdown on student protesters. Twenty-four years later, it still resonates in worldwide politics. Josh and Chuck mark the anniversary in this episode of This Day in History.
This Day in History - May 28: Sada Abe
Sada Abe is a notorious figure in Japanese history, known for her shocking acts which included everything from murder to castration and even necrophilia. Tune in to find out more about this infamous case.
This Day in History - May 21: The Empire Strikes Back
May 21, 1980 saw the release of what has now come to be regarded as the best film in the Star Wars series, "The Empire Strikes Back." Learn about its production in today's episode of This Day in History.
This Day in History - May 14: The Chicken Dance
In this episode, Josh and Chuck fill you in on the history of the beloved (or perhaps dreaded) tradition known as the chicken dance. Don't be a stick in the mud, come on and do the chicken dance!
This Day in History - May 7: Pacific Air Lines Flight 773
In 1964, airline security was nowhere near as tight as it is today. Josh and Chuck detail a tragic event involving a flight hijacked by a disturbed man. Plus, the spying subplot wraps up with Josh and Chuck hurrying to clear out before it's too late.
This Day in History - April 9: Walpurgis Night
Throughout parts of Europe, April 30 is Walpurgis Night, a Halloween companion holiday of sorts. So where does the name come from, and how does one go about celebrating? Josh and Chuck have got you covered.
This Day in History: April 23, Take a Chance Day
April 23, 2013 is several holidays at once - Take a Chance Day, Talk Like Shakespeare Day and, in Spain, Lover's Day. But where did Take a Chance Day originate, and what kind of chance?
This Day in History - April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day
April 16, 2013 is National Eggs Benedict Day, a day to celebrate the wonderful breakfast concoction. But where did Eggs Benedict originate? Theories differ. Plus, have the tables turned on Josh and Chuck in their ongoing spying effort?
This Day in History - April 9: National Equal Pay Day
April 9, 2013 is National Equal Pay Day, but it should really fall on December 31st. Why is that? It's not a holiday, it's a day to raise awareness of an important issue. Tune in and let Josh and Chuck fill you in on the rest!
This Day in History - April 2: Casanova
In this new weekly series, Josh and Chuck offer a unique look at this day in history. In the first episode, we note the birth of Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, 18th century Italian adventurer and legendary ladies man. Plus, what are Josh and Chuck up to?
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