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Don't Be Dumb: Ivan the Terrible's Blind Architects
There is a rumor that's been around since Ivan the Terrible ruled Russia and had the eyes of the architects he commissioned to design St. Basil's Cathedral gouged out so they could never build something as beautiful again. Lies.
Don't Be Dumb: Sharks Eat People
Have you heard that sharks like to eat people? This is patently untrue. Sharks don't eat humans and there are a lot fewer shark attacks than you might think. Learn why you should lay off sharks for once in your life right here.
Don't Be Dumb: Elevator Placebo Buttons
Have you heard that the "door close" button on an elevator doesn't work? Well, in some amazing twist of a twist, it turns out that is probably an urban legend. Or is it? We'll find out here. Or will we?
Don't Be Dumb: The Great Wall of China
Do you think the Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure that is visible from space? Think again, Jack. You can't even see that thing. Get set straight by Josh here in this video.
Don't Be Dumb: Aurora Borealis
If you think that the Northern Lights are a light show from some crazy wizard who lives in an ice cave in the North Pole then you'd better watch this and learn what's what.
Don't Be Dumb: Hot Meteorites
It makes sense that a meteor would be hot when it reaches Earth's surface after it's traveled at thousands of miles per hour through Earth's atmosphere, generating intense heat on its way to the ground. Sure it makes sense, but it's wrong.
Don't Be Dumb: Paul Revere
Did you know there's a pretty good chance that Paul Revere never said, "The British are coming!"? Learn what he probably did say in this revelatory Revolutionary history video.
Don't Be Dumb: I.E. and E.G.
Maybe you're one of those people who likes to sound smart by using the Latin abbreviations e.g. and i.e. If so, brother, you'd better be using them right because that kind of thing makes people want to gun for you.
Don't Be Dumb: Napoleon
You may have heard that Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, was a short man. But that's all wrong. Learn where this longstanding discrepancy came from.
Don't Be Dumb: Ye or The?
There's a word that looks like it's pronounced "yee," but doesn't really exist. No, you're just falling for an old trick of Olde English - the now-defunct letter, the thorn. So get with it and stop sounding like a reject from the Renaissance Fair.
Don't Be Dumb: Death Rattles
Death is one of life's very few absolute certainties. But while the bell eventually tolls for everyone, some of us get a little something extra up front. This week, Josh gives you the low down on the harbinger of mortality known as the death rattle.
Don't Be Dumb: Wine Corks
This week on Don't Be Dumb, Josh delivers you from committing a most embarrassing dining faux pas, by explaining the real purpose of restaurants offering you the cork from a freshly-opened bottle of wine.
Don't Be Dumb: Brainfreeze
Have you ever eaten something cold and gotten a headache? Informally, this is known as brainfreeze, but officially it's sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Lucky for you, there's a quick remedy. Tune in to find out how!
Don't Be Dumb: Bananas
In this episode, Josh explains how when you're eating a banana, you're actually eating the product of cloning! Don't Be Dumb - watch the video to find out why.
Don't Be Dumb: Sneezing at the Sun
Why do some people sneeze when confronted by direct sunlight? Josh fills you in on the science behind this strange phenomenon in this episode of Don't Be Dumb.
Don't Be Dumb: Eight Glasses of Water a Day
Have you heard that you should drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy? Of course you have. But is it true? Tune in to this episode of Don't Be Dumb to find out if this common claim holds water.
Don't Be Dumb: Dropping a Penny
Have you ever thought about what would happen if you dropped a penny off the Empire State Building? Josh has, and he's here to tell you all about it. Settle in and get ready for another installment of Don't Be Dumb.
Don't Be Dumb: Goosebumps
In this episode, Josh explains why us humans get goosebumps, taking us through our nervous system's response to certain stimuli and the purpose this might have served in our evolutionary past.
Don't Be Dumb: Flipping Coins
In this episode, Josh explains why the outcome of flipping certain coins isn't exactly a toss-up. The research might surprise you and will definitely give you an edge the next time someone asks you heads or tails.
Don't Be Dumb: Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad for You?
In this episode, Josh explains why cracking your knuckles isn't literally cracking your knuckles. Along the way, we learn about a doctor who spent over 60 years cracking his knuckles to disprove this popular myth.
Don't Be Dumb: Lemmings
In this new weekly series, Josh sets you straight on misconceptions both common and esoteric. In this episode, Josh debunks the popular belief that lemmings are suicidal by nature. Join us, won't you?
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