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Atmospheric Pressure
Did you know that air has weight? It may sound strange, but it's true. In this episode, Julie and Robert conduct an experiment that shows just how powerful air pressure can become. Tune in to learn more.
Gravity is the force that holds us on the planet -- but how does it actually work? Join Robert and Julie as they explain how gravity works, and make a handy experiment to demonstrate gravity's effects.
You've probably played with magnets before -- these fascinating items can exert control over another object without actually touching it. So how do they actually work? Watch as Robert and Julie demonstrate the mighty power of magnets in this episode.
Did Alien Bacteria Seed Life on Earth?
Bacteria is everywhere -- even inside your own body. But how does it grow, and what does it look like? In this episode, Julie and Robert show you how bacteria grows, what it does and why it might not be so bad after all.
Rainbows can be achingly beautiful, but what makes that unique mix of colors spread across the sky? In this episode, Robert and Julie explain -- and demonstrate -- the science behind moisture, light and rainbows.
You've seen crystals before. They're in diamond rings, chandeliers and more. But did you know that you can make your own crystals? Join Robert and Julie as they show you how to make your own salt crystals in this episode.
Scale: The Big and Small of the Solar System
In this experiment, Julie and Robert use household items to show you the difference between the size of Earth in comparison to other planets. But that's not all: Watch as they compare these planets to the size of our solar system, our galaxy and more.
Solar Sails: Come Fly the Friendly Universe
The sun is constantly bombarding our planet with solar energy, and it's possible to measure the effect of this power. In this episode, Robert and Julie demonstrate how solar collection technologies can harness the power of the sun.
Static Electricity
Have you ever wondered why doorknobs occasionally shock you? The answer involves static electricity. Join Julie and Robert as they explain static electricity in a fascinating (and hair-raising) experiment.
What could Earth and pie have in common? Find out as Julie and Robert explain volcanic eruptions -- using their own home-made volcano.
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