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In this weekly segment, Cristen shares her womanly expertise on the female mind.
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Join Cristen as she compiles a list of 10 major sporting events where you are least likely to see women compete and the (often bizarre) reasons why not.
10 Major Sporting Events Where You Are Least Likely to See a Woman Compete
Join Cristen as she compiles a list of 10 major sporting events where you are least likely to see women compete and the (often bizarre) reasons why not.
237 Reasons Humans Have Sex
It wasn't until 2007 that the first comprehensive study on people's motivations for having sex was published. Cristen lists the 237 reasons men and women cite for "doin' it" ranging from the desperate and coerced to the celebratory and spiritual.
Why do women wear lipstick?
Since July 6 is National Kissing Day, Cristen explains why women slather their lips in lipstick -- and men usually do not.
Why do women douche?
Cristen unpacks a disposable douching kit to discuss the how and why many women still douche -- and why douching is a douchebag idea for the body.
Why are breasts attractive?
If breasts are little more than sacks of fat, why are they so attractive to heterosexual men? Cristen dishes on a new neuroscientific theory about how breasts affect both men's and women's brains to promote bonding.
Are new dads sexier?
Happy Father's Day! Cristen talks about why new dads rate themselves as more attractive and whether women find fathers more attractive.
Do high heels make women hotter?
Cristen traces the history of the female footwear back to when men wore them first and offers an evolutionary explanation for stilettos' sex appeal.
Why do women love Pinterest?
Cristen constructs a real-life Pinterest board to illustrate why the social media site -- invented by a dude who inspired by insect collections -- is so popular among women.
The Girls of Summer
Ever wonder why men play baseball and women play softball? Cristen and podcast co-host Caroline answer that sports history mystery about America's favorite pastime.
Why Women Wear Makeup
Cristen discusses the economics of beauty and why women go to the trouble of wearing makeup. She also shares her personal -- and hideous -- makeup history.
Do moms have different brains?
Cristen delves into the science of Mother's Day by exploring how having a baby changes literally changes women's brains.
Mythbusting Blackhead Strips
Ever wondered whether pore cleansing strips can really get rid of blackheads? Cristen puts them to the test.
Why Women Love Beards
Cristen explores studies on male facial hair and sexual attraction to fill guys in on the implicit messages their beards, mustaches and goatees send to women.
The Science of Bras
Cristen breaks down the science and history of bras, including whether they prevent breasts from sagging over time, what the numbers and letters in bra sizes stand for and why men might want to wear sports bras.
(Un)Sexiest Man Alive
Cristen discusses why People magazine's 2012 Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, isn't all that sexy after all and how less is more when it comes to six-pack abs.