Stuff Mom Never Told You: Dear Mom
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The Science of Bitchy Resting Face
Did you know there's a "cure" for Bitchy Resting Face? Cristen discusses her own bitchy resting face, grin lifts and why women smile more than men.
How to Dress Like an Adulteress
Ever wonder what adulterous wives wear when they go a-cheating? A lot of Banana Republic, it turns out. Cristen explains what cheating wives wear, where they shop and how the results of an survey contradict cultural assumptions.
What do you get when you "save" food calories in order to binge drink? DRUNKOREXIA. Cristen talks about how the term "drunkorexia" originated, who does it the most and how it affects your body in the long term.
Eyeball Licking?!
Apparently, Japanese teenagers are bored with kissing and have taken up eyeball licking. Cristen discusses the roots and risks of oculolinctus, something her mom DEFINITELY never told her.
Barbie Was a Sex Toy
Cristen talks about Barbie's checkered history, what she would look like in real life and whether the most popular doll in the world is bad for girls.
Miss USA vs. Miss America
What's the difference between Miss USA and Miss America? Two words: SWIMSUIT COMPETITION. Cristen dons her pageant crown and explains.
The Unibrow
Cristen recalls when her mom first waxed her unibrow at 10 years old and considers a move to Tajikistan, the only country in the world that considers a female unibrow beautiful.
How to Stay Married
Cristen gets some unromantic relationship advice from her parents on how to stay married for the long haul.
Draw My Life: The Average Woman
Cristen animates with hilariously crude white board drawings what life is like for the average American woman.
The Southernest Food in the South
Cristen does her best Paula Deen as she dishes on her mom's culinary devotion to the Southern delicacy of grits.
Homeschool Horror Stories
Cristen talks about her homeschooling past and the most common questions people ask when they find out she was homeschooled.
The Mother of All Mother's Day Cakes
Cristen gets in the kitchen to bake her mom an extra special traditional Mother's Day cake.
Never Ask a Woman's Age
Cristen celebrates her mom's birthday and wonders why older women tend to be secretive about their ages.
The Sex Talk
Cristen recalls the time that her mom told her about the birds and the bees using a religious sex ed book.
Living In Sin
Cristen hashes out the dos and don'ts of premarital cohabitation, as she announces to her mom that she's moving in with her boyfriend.
My Childhood Mullet
Co-host of the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, Cristen mines her most awkward childhood, teen and adult moments to determine just what her mom didn't tell her growing up.