How do astronauts pray?
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Cities of the Future
What will cities of the future look like? Julie Douglas from Stuff to Blow Your Mind predicts the future of urban living.
How will people practice religion in space?
Leaving the planet doesn't mean leaving spirituality behind. From lunar communions to research on Ramadan in space, it seems that religion will travel with mankind into the stars. But how? Tune in as Robert explores the space-bound future of religion.
The Future of Relationships
Technology isn't just changing the way people encounter new information -- it's also changing the way people encounter each other. Tune in as Cristen explains how technology will affect relationships, families and children in the future.
What is augmented reality?
What is an augmented reality? Are we already living in one? Join Jonathan Strickland as he examines the technology used to digitally augment our world and discusses where that technology might be heading.
What is organ printing?
Every day in the United States, an average of 18 people die while waiting for an organ transplant. Could we solve this problem with printers? Join Ben Bowlin as he examines the current research into organ printing -- and what it could mean for the future.
What is radio telepathy?
From drums and smoke signals to the printing press and cell phones, human beings have struggled to expand our communcation abilities since the dawn of history. So what's the next step? Listen in as Rob Sheppe explores the future of communication.
What is the future of air travel?
It seems that the price of airline tickets keeps increasing, and numerous analysts have made gloomy predictions about the future of air travel. But why? Tune in as Ben explores the obstacles facing aircraft of the future.
What is the future of becoming an adult?
Traditionally, the transition to adulthood has been seen as a linear path. However, in the future this transition may lengthen, becoming what experts call 'emerging adulthood.' Join Deblina as she explores the shifting nature of adulthood in this episode.
What is the future of boarding your pet?
Could it be possible that all pet owners will be legally required to implant RFID chips in their pets? How could this affect the quality of care in boarding facilities? Tune in as Holly explores the future of pets in this episode.
What is the future of books?
With the emergence of ebooks and portable electronic reading devices, some analysts have predicted the demise of the old-fashioned, paper-and-ink book. But will books really become obsolete? Join Ben as he takes a closer look at the future of books.
What is the future of childcare?
Is it possible that robots will raise your grandchildren? Sure, the idea might seem like science fiction -- but it's also not as far-fetched as some would assume. Tune in as Julie Douglas explores the possibilities for the future of childcare.
What is the future of condoms?
Condoms are by no means a recent invention, and for most of its history the basic design has remained the same. So how will condoms of the future be different? Listen in as Tracy breaks down the future of condoms.
What is the future of genetic modification?
With genetic modification, parents may be able to select their children's eye color or eliminate some diseases. But will we be able to add gills and tails in the future? Join Rob Sheppe as he takes a look at the possibilities of genetic modification.
What is the future of income inequality in the U.S.?
It seems that people are increasingly concerned with income inequality in the United States. But what's the future of income inequality? Tune in to learn more about the past, present and future of income in the United States.
What is the future of libraries?
When people think of libraries, they often picture some sort of book warehouse. How can these things exist in a world inundated with digital books? Join Deblina from Stuff You Missed in History Class as she explores how libraries may evolve in the future.
What is the future of male contraception?
There are currently only five options for male contraception, and all of them leave something to be desired. But how far are we from creating better male contraception methods? Listen in as Cristen breaks down the science of male contraception.
What is the future of personal communication?
It's no secret that technology has changed the way people communicate -- but where is this trend leading? Will coming generations communicate differently? Join Chuck Bryant as he explores the implications of technology and communication.
What is the future of seafood?
With experts predicting the collapse of ocean ecosystems within as little as 50 years, the future of commercial fishing -- and ocean wildlife -- seems increasingly dire. Tune in as Ben takes a look at the possible future of seafood.
What is the future of sports medicine?
Doctors working in sports medicine have a tough task: They have to heal injuries while keeping an athlete in playing condition. In this episode, Holly Frey looks at coming innovations in sports medicine, and how they may revolutionize the field.
What is the future of street fashion?
Could it be possible that your future wardrobe will includes clothes that change appearance based on your mood or the room you enter? Join editor Holly Frey as she explores the possibilities for clothing in the future.
What is the future of the banana?
Recently, a new strain of Panama disease has attacked bananas in South Asia. Some producers expect the strain to spread throughout the globe. Could this mean the end of the banana as we know it? Join Ben Bowlin as he explores the future of the banana.
What is the future of the English language?
If you traveled four hundred years into the future, would you be able to understand your fellow English speakers? Join Ben Bowlin as he explores how the English language is evolving -- and how it may change in the future.
What is the future of the user interface?
With the advancement of technology, is mind control a possibility of the future? Join TechStuff's Jonathan Strickland as he traces the evolution of the user interface and postulates what the future might hold.
What is the future of video games?
Video games have made some extraordinary leaps in the past few years, but what does the future hold for gamers? Join Jonathan as he explores the possible future of video games.
What is the Future of Water?
Will access to water be a source of conflict in the future? Join Ben Bowlin, writer for, as he explores the future of water.
What is the future of women's wealth?
Christy Walton is currently the world's wealthiest woman -- she's even more well-off than Oprah. But what's the future of women's wealth overall? In this episode, Stuff Mom Never Told You's Cristen Conger breaks down the future of wealth and gender.
What is the singularity?
Will computers of the future have the ability to design themselves? Is it possible that human beings may be able to download their consciousness onto machines? Join TechStuff's Jonathan Strickland as he takes a closer look at the singularity
What is ubiquitous computing?
Is it possible that computers may eventually be found in virtually everything? Join Jonathan as he takes a closer look at the future of ubiquitous computing and the pervasive internet.
What role will robots play in future medicine?
Senior HowStuffWorks Writer Jonathan Strickland discuss the future of medicine and robotics.
What will families be like in the future?
Will overpopulation alter the commonly-accepted family structure? Tune in as General Manager and Editor-in-Chief Conal Byrne discusses how current global trends may alter future societies, and possibly change the concept of 'family' altogether.
What will movies be like in a hundred years?
The movies of the future may have more in common with online games than with the blockbusters at your local cinema. But how would this work, and what could it mean for future moviegoers? Tune in as Conal Byrne examines the future of entertainment.
What will universities look like in the future?
The rising cost of university tuition has forced many students to rethink their plans, opting for alternative paths to higher education. In this episode, Conal Byrne takes a closer look at the nature of education -- and how it may change in the future.
What will urban areas look like in the future?
What will cities look like 100 years from now? Ben Bowlin, staff writer at, discuss the future of urban areas.
Will there be cyborgs in the future?
Whether we're talking about automatons like the Borg or heroes like the Bionic Man, we're all familiar with the cyborgs of science fiction. But how close are we to a cybernetic future? Listen in as Robert Lamb explains the role of cyborgs in the future.
Will there still be wild animals in the future?
As the human population continues to grow, more and more animals are losing their traditional habitats. But how far could this trend go? Could wild animals really be extinct in the future? Tune in to learn more.
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