Shark Week
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Don't Be Dumb: Sharks Eat People
Have you heard that sharks like to eat people? This is patently untrue. Sharks don't eat humans and there are a lot fewer shark attacks than you might think. Learn why you should lay off sharks for once in your life right here.
Epic Science: Sharks That Kill Without Jaws
Sharks kill with their jaws, right? Well, they've also been known to kill with their fin slaps or with their delicious meat.
Are sharks attracted to menstrual blood?
To celebrate SHARK WEEK, Cristen gets to the bottom of whether women should avoid swimming in the ocean if they're on their periods.
Trapped in a Meeting: Megalodon
Shark Week has arrived and with it comes a special edition of Trapped in a Meeting! Josh patiently tries to school Chuck on the magnificent and terrifying creature known as the megalodon, but Chuck can't seem to get past how cool the name sounds.
Hugh Bradner: Wetsuits
Today wetsuits are considered essential equipment for most divers -- but this wasn't always the case. Tune in to learn how a brilliant physicist created the Stuff of (underwater) Genius.
This Day in History - Sharks: Matawan Creek
In this week's special shark-themed episode, we look at a series of shark attacks that occurred along the Jersey Shore back in 1916. The attacks are widely believed to have been the inspiration for the novel and subsequent mega-blockbuster film Jaws.
Science on the Web: Shark Myths Exposed
Are sharks really mindless, fin-exposing, man-eating kings of the ocean? Not so much. Tune in to this Science on the Web as Robert and Julie dispel some common myths about sharks.
This Day in History - Sharks: The U.S.S. Indianapolis
Continuing our special lead-up to Shark Week, today we look at the single worst tragedy in U.S. naval history, the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945. The men who survived the sinking were left defenseless against shark attacks in the ocean.
Epic Science: Sharks: Sibling Rivalry
So growing up your sister or your brother always called dibs on your favorite toy or ate the last piece of cake. It could be worse: Find out what would happen to you if you were a shark sibling in this chilling tale of embryonic cannibalism.
This Day in History: Shark Awareness Day
In the first installment of our month-long special shark series, Josh and Chuck talk about Shark Awareness Day, an international holiday that raises awareness of the threats sharks face from humans.
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