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What Happens When You Swallow a Leech?

Although cases are rare, a non-zero number of patients have gone to doctors with a leech stuck in their throat over the years. In this special episode, we explore this gross but fascinating circumstance. Music by Eric Matyas

Stealing Sand, Communicating via Poop, and Clinical Trial Participation

and is in such high demand that tons of it are being stolen from beaches. White rhinos use middens as a complex communal message board. Plus, clinical trials need more volunteers -- we explain why.

Amazing, Absurd and Abnormal: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Read up on table-tennis playing robots and homemade self-driving cars in this week's round-up of the latest podcasts and articles at HowStuffWorks.

Hallucinogenic Honey, Squid Brains, and Why Hot Food Is So Satisfying

Ancient armies sometimes used hallucinogenic honey as a bioweapon. New research shows how different squid brains are from human brains. Plus, we break down why hot food seems more satisfying than cold food.

Odd, Outstanding & Outrageous: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

In this week's round-up of HowStuffWorks podcasts and articles, cosmic rays are wreaking havoc on electronic devices, and bees are playing soccer. Read on!

Face Punching Legality, Misophonia, and Ties Between Honesty and Profanity

Morality aside, is it ever legal to punch someone in the face? Unrelated: Researchers have identified the brain bits responsible for finding certain sounds incredibly annoying. Plus, highly profane people may be more honest.

The Danger Episode: Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, and App Terms of Service

Solar flares may be responsible for deadly whale beachings. New research clarifies cosmic radiation exposure for frequent fliers. Plus, purposefully complex terms of service let apps harvest our personal data.

Virgin Shark Births, Weighted Anxiety Blankets, and a Border Wall's Impact on Wildlife

A zebra shark has given birth to viable babies without a mate. Weighted blankets may help people battle anxiety and insomnia. Plus: How much damage would a U.S. boarder wall do to local wildlife?

The Blood of the Young, Crustacean Bioweapons, and Our Oldest Ancestor

A proposed anti-aging treatment transfuses young people's plasma into old people's blood. A species of boxer crab clones and carries sea anemones as weapons. Plus, the oldest known ancestor of all vertebrates was a wee sack of teeth.

Tornadoes Demystified, Global Medicine, and Why the President's First 100 Days Matter

Tornadoes' centers leave you cold and breathless; now we know how. Underuse and overuse of particular medical treatments is a global problem. Plus, the history and politics behind the importance of a president's first 100 days.