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Your weekly dose of some of the world's latest and greatest science news, technological advancements, absurd curiosities and groundbreaking research in everything from ancient history to the future of astrophysics. Join Lauren Vogelbaum and the HowStuffWorks team as they explore humanity's newest discoveries in HowStuffWorks NOW.

HowStuffWorks NOW: Pollution Belches Back

07/30/2015: It was long assumed that nitrates in urban grime are 'locked' in place. Find out how sediment from pollution is belching its way back into the atmosphere.

HowStuffWorks NOW: Scanners and Brain Computer Interfaces

08/19/2015: Have you ever watched a film and thought, "Oh, I hope she doesn't go through that door."? What if the character could actually hear your thoughts and act on them?

HowStuffWorks NOW: Birds Are Shouting over You to be Heard

09/01/2015: What happens when a bird needs to be heard over the din of us loud humans? They shout. But at what cost?

HowStuffWorks NOW: Tired of Swiping Left?

09/02/2015: Are you looking for that someone special but you're tired of sending candidates to the Tinder reject pile? Artificial intelligence is here to save the day!

HowStuffWorks NOW: Never Fall in Love with a Slot Machine

09/03/2015: How do you feel about that money-sucking slot machine? As new research indicates, the human tendency to imbue the three-armed bandit with human thought only gives it more insidious power over the gambler.

HowStuffWorks NOW: Whisky is very cold... in space!

09/09/2015: What happens when you attempt to age whisky in microgravity? Who would even think to ask? We have answers for both questions!

HowStuffWorks NOW: Let's Defrost a 30,000-year-old Virus!

09/10/2015: French scientists discovered a 30,000 year old virus frozen in the Siberian wastelands. It's big, complex and we're quite keen to resurrect it in the lab.

HowStuffWorks NOW: NASA wants the HoloLens for Tech Support in Space

09/16/2015: NASA plans to send a Microsoft HoloLens headset up to the International Space Station. Are astronauts getting ready to play Minecraft?

HowStuffWorks NOW: Attack of the Corpse-Sucking Tree

09/17/2015: Perhaps you've caught wind of corpse-sucking tree roots in Ireland. Explore the science of what's going on here and why some folks long for the post-mortem embrace of mother tree root.

HowStuffWorks NOW: Liar, Liar Bladder on Fire

09/22/2015: Can abstaining from a wee make you a better liar? Find out how inhibiting the urge to pee crosses over into the dark art of deceit.