How Stuff Works: The Human Mind
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From Mind to Machine
From typewriters to laptop keyboards, the way we communicate with our machines is ever-evolving. But in the future, could we communicate by only using our brainwaves?
Epic Science: Memory is Malleable
As it turns out, your memory isn't set in stone. It's a Play-Doh sculpture that changes a little every time you retrieve it from the old brain box. Learn more about doughy memories in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
Epic Science: Lilliputian Hallucinations
We all know that the brain is capable of hallucinating - it can happen when we take psychotropic drugs or even have a high fever. But did you know the brain hallucinate in miniature? What makes tiny people or animals show up on our mental doorsteps?
Stuff You Should Know Animated: How Fear Works
How does fear work? In this episode, Josh and Chuck take a look inside the human brain and explore the paths along which our fear response travels.
Epic Science: Maintaining Your Willpower
How good are you at staying on task or avoiding that sugury snack? It's all about willpower. But what raises and lowers our willpower levels? Learn more in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
Do moms have different brains?
Cristen delves into the science of Mother's Day by exploring how having a baby changes literally changes women's brains.
Epic Science: Testing Consciousness
So what is consciousness anyway? Is it a simple matter of being conscious or not? As we explore further into these and other questions, some potential tests come up. Learn more in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
Deceptive Brain: Hate
It's true that love can mess with perceptions, but what about other emotions? This installment of the deceptive brain series asks how hate affects the brain, and how scientists are learning to measure a person's level of contempt and dislike.
Deceptive Brain: How Love Works
It's been said that love is blind, and it is true that the brain isn't the most objective observer to begin with. But what happens when you are actually in love? Tune in to learn more about your deceptive brain on love.
The Deceptive Brain, Part 3: The Thinking Cap
In the third installment of this continuing series on the human brain, we explore how electrical and magnetic stimulation may enhance performance in everything from memory retention to linguistic aptitude.
Epic Science: We're All a Bunch of Liars!
Is lying good or bad? Does it win you friends or make you lose them? Well, it turns out that it's a bit of both. Lying happens to be part of our intricate interpersonal interactions as humans. Come sign the social contract and learn more.
Epic Science: 7 Sins of Memory
Memory is flawed. In fact, there are seven key ways our brains screw up when forming new memories. Learn what they are in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
Can Chuck Feel Josh's Pain?
People with mirror-touch synesthesia literally feel the pain of others -- but why? Tune in as Josh and Chuck explain the fascinating mechanics of mirror neurons in this exclusive video from and the Science Channel.
Can Danger Give You Super Strength?
Although well-documented when they do occur, feats of hysterical strength are not recognized by medical science. Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know talk about this interesting phenomenon.
Epic Science: Unihemispheric Sleep
One third of our lives is spent asleep. But what if we could put half of our brain to sleep at a time? This is precisely what happens to some underwater mammals and science fiction space captains. Learn more in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind
Epic Science: Constructing a Memory Palace
Want to improve your memory? Easy. Just turn your mind into a funhouse of weirdo images using the loci method, or memory palace. Find out why the brain can recall information easier when you peg it to an imaginary blueprint in your mind.
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