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Gene therapy, an alteration of genes within the body to fight or prevent disease, has sparked a revolution in cancer treatment. In this episode of Fw:Thinking, Jonathan Strickland walks us through the process and potential of human gene therapy.
Will Gene Therapy Cure Cancer?
Gene therapy, an alteration of genes within the body to fight or prevent disease, has sparked a revolution in cancer treatment. In this episode of Fw:Thinking, Jonathan Strickland walks us through the process and potential of human gene therapy.
The Future of Asteroid Mining
There are some scientists who believe that an asteroid only 150-ft wide could contain up to 130 BILLION dollars worth of platinum-group metals! Find out how asteroid mining might be the future of space exploration.
Seeing Through Walls
Seeing through walls is no longer the stuff of science fiction! From light field cameras to super slow motion, we're able to grab more information than ever before. The next generation of camera technology will give us extra sensory perception.
The Future of Space Exploration
Humans take some pretty crazy risks in the name of exploration - but we do have limits. The Mars rover landing has shown that unmanned space explorations are safer, cheaper, and more capable. But where does that leave humans?
The Future of Trash
In the US, over 50% of trash (that's 1000 pounds per year, per American citizen) sits in landfills waiting to decompose...or not decompose. Learn about some creative ideas to solve our problem with pollution and waste management.
The Future of Stress
Is stress just an engineering problem -- and could we simply program our brains to relax? Chronic stress is a horrible affliction that can lead to depression, cardiovascular disease, and even genetically pass down to our children.
The Future of DIY (Maker Faire and Beyond)
In an era of modern manufacturing, is there a place for tinkering and DIY? Jonathan Strickland takes us inside Maker Faire 2013 and shows us how the future of amateur invention has never looked brighter!
The Future of Big Data
Big data - the huge amount of information accumulated by online data centers - has become a billion-dollar market, and data science is a rapidly growing industry.In this episode of Fw:Thinking, Jonathan Strickland decodes the future of big data.
Real Life Tractor Beams
Can we really design a Star Trek style tractor beam? We already know that two overlapping bessel beams can use energy to move objects toward a source of light, but when will be able to beam a human?...or a space craft?!
The Future of Education
Is technology threatening our system of education? Why spend all day in a dusty library when you could just download information straight into your brain? Jonathan Strickland explores the future of technology and education.
Friends Forever: The Future of Social Media & Human Interaction
In July 2012, the US spent 121 BILLION minutes on social media - should we be worried? Do social networks threaten our "real world" interactions?Jonathan Strickland explores the future of social communication.
We're Only Getting Younger: Regenerative Medicine
The average human life span is constantly increasing but we still don't fully understand the science behind age expectancy. Modern medical technologies could reverse our aging process - but is this a good thing?
Home Movies
Every 60 seconds, over 72 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube by users. In a world where our digital footprints are everywhere, will privacy be a thing of the past?
Where do we grow from here?
Soon, a trip to the park may require an elevator and your lunch will be grown in the building next door. Welcome to the city of the future.
We may be able to build the perfect prosthetic arm soon, but would you be willing to upgrade without an injury? And what do biological improvements mean for the future of sports?
Fueling Our Future
We know our fossil fuel resources will dry up someday, so what alternatives are there? From garbage to algae, wind to germs, Fw:Thinking explores the future of energy.
Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. We're surrounded by it, we're made of it, life springs from it, but how do we turn an ocean full of saltwater into something we can use?
The Future of Time
What's the date and time on a planet that has a 700-day year and 14-hour days? As far as we can tell, time is only an illusion and timekeeping was invented to keep people from missing trains.
Autonomous Cars
Road rage and traffic jams could become a thing of the past when autonomous cars take the wheel. Welcome to the future of driving.
3D Printing
3D printing technology has already come a long way, allowing the manufacture of everything from home furnishings to transplantable human organs. In this video from Fw:Thinking, Jonathan Strickland talks about the present and future of 3D printing.
The Internet of Things
By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. In this video from Fw:Thinking, Jonathan Strickland takes us on a tour through a living room of the future to see how this "Internet of Things" will impact our daily lives.