How Stuff Works: Food and Water
Is your gut functioning as a sort of second brain? Do you know what the southernest food in the South really is? Munch along with us as the HowStuffWorks crew serves you bite-size info on food and drink.
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Epic Science: Comfort Food
Ever wonder why in times of high stress we turn to that tub of ice cream or a big, fat bowl of mac and cheese? Sometimes foods just feel right. Learn more about comfort foods in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
Epic Science: Comfort Food
Ever wonder why in times of high stress we turn to that tub of ice cream or a big, fat bowl of mac and cheese? Sometimes foods just feel right. Learn more about comfort foods in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
The Southernest Food in the South
Cristen does her best Paula Deen as she dishes on her mom's culinary devotion to the Southern delicacy of grits.
Nicolas Appert: Canned Food
Nowadays, canned food is everywhere -- but how did this industry begin? Tune in to learn how Nicholas Appert discovered the principles used in canning food -- and why we have Napoleon to thank for this Stuff of Genius.
Norbert Rillieux: Refined Sugar
Before Norbert Rillieux's sugar evaporator, slaves across the New World risked severe -- and often fatal -- injury while refining sugar. Learn how this Stuff of Genius saved hundreds of lives and modernized sugar in this episode.
Stuff You Should Know Animated: Sweet as Sugar - The Fascinating Story of Saccharin
In the finale of our animated series, Josh and Chuck detail the accidental discovery of saccharin, thanks to one scientist's poor laboratory hygiene. Plus, a debate on the merits of sweet and unsweet tea.
Frank Epperson: Popsicle
Frank Epperson wasn't the typical inventor -- in fact, he wasn't even old enough to drive when he invented the popsicle. Tune in and learn the story behind this Stuff of (Frozen) Genius.
George Crum: Potato Chips
Frustrated by a picky customer, cook George Crum fried up some paper-thin potato slices. Find out how George's revenge scheme went awry -- and how his potato chips became the Stuff of Genius -- in this episode.
Don't Be Dumb: Bananas
In this episode, Josh explains how when you're eating a banana, you're actually eating the product of cloning! Don't Be Dumb - watch the video to find out why.
What do you get when you "save" food calories in order to binge drink? DRUNKOREXIA. Cristen talks about how the term "drunkorexia" originated, who does it the most and how it affects your body in the long term.
Don't Be Dumb: Wine Corks
This week on Don't Be Dumb, Josh delivers you from committing a most embarrassing dining faux pas, by explaining the real purpose of restaurants offering you the cork from a freshly-opened bottle of wine.
Daniel Peter: Milk Chocolate
Nowadays milk chocolate is everywhere, but this wasn't always the case. Tune in to learn more about Daniel Peter, who took bitter cocoa tablets and -- with loads of hard work and a neighbor named Nestle -- created the Stuff of (chocolate) Genius.
Water Wars 1: Scarcity
With such a strong dependence on water, it can be hard to envision a world without water. However, this could be the case, as privatization and even war over water could become very real.
Water Wars 2: Privatization
Privatization advocates claim private-public partnerships are the most cost-efficient, reliable way to get water to the world's poor -- but critics tell a very different story.
Trapped in a Meeting: The McDonald's Theory
In this week's episode, Josh relates an unusual theory that connects warfare (or lack thereof) with the presence of a certain fast food establishment. But does the theory hold up?
Epic Science: Ode to Coffee
Coffee is a drug that shares more than a few traits with its notorious counterparts, cocaine and amphetamines. How exactly does it work on the brain? And what did a world without coffee look like anyway?
Momofuku Ando: Instant Noodles
Momofuku Ando didn't set out to create noodle bowls, but the former textile company owner had an epiphany while watching a line of hungry people waiting for food. Tune in to learn what led him from garments to instant noodles in this episode.
Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. We're surrounded by it, we're made of it, life springs from it, but how do we turn an ocean full of saltwater into something we can use?
Epic Science: Bugs or Sauerkraut
Let's play would you rather. It's the end of the world and you need food. What do you turn to, bugs or sauerkraut? What are the differences in nutrition between the two? Learn more in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
This Day in History - April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day
April 16, 2013 is National Eggs Benedict Day, a day to celebrate the wonderful breakfast concoction. But where did Eggs Benedict originate? Theories differ. Plus, have the tables turned on Josh and Chuck in their ongoing spying effort?
Robert Cades: Gatorade
When a local football coach asked Robert Cade to help hydrate his players, he set off on a journey to find the perfect sports drink. Tune in and learn more about Cade's Stuff of Genius in this episode.
Science on the Web: Diet Coke & Mentos - Will YOU Explode?
Everyone's seen it - a fountain of erupting cola going everywhere. 2 liter rockets flying fast and far. But what physical properties are going on here? You might just be surprised.
Don't Be Dumb: Eight Glasses of Water a Day
Have you heard that you should drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy? Of course you have. But is it true? Tune in to this episode of Don't Be Dumb to find out if this common claim holds water.
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