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Travel the World: Australia

We all know that Australia is the "land down under" thanks to a certain song from the 1980s. But is it really the land of plenty?

Adventure Puzzles

Whether you're into extreme sports, wilderness survival or good old-fashioned jet-setting, explore the planet as you make the pieces of these adventure puzzles fall into place.

How to Experience a City in a Weekend

Your travel time is precious -- there's a lot to see and do, and very little time to do it in. The relaxing trip you planned may turn hectic. What should you do to experience a city on a weekend trip?

Dreaming of Paradise

Paradise pictures show off the most blissful places on Earth. What spot is your favorite?

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Adrenaline High: Adventure Travel Quiz


The adventure travel quiz tests your globe-trotting knowledge. Take the adventure travel quiz to see how much you really know.

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